Fire Drill

Fire Drill In Thailand

A high school senior in Rajavinit Mathayom School in Bangkok was killed during an incident with an exploding fire extinguisher in a routine Fire Drill, injuring 21 others.

Witnesses say that the explosion resulted in the extinguisher flying at the victim from over 10 metres away, and it is theorized that this defunctness was caused by heat exposure under the sun and rising temperatures and contained carbon dioxide according to the rescue foundation at the scene, Ruamkatanyu Foundation.

Officials say that other fire extinguishers in the building have been sent to the police forensics division. The police chief said that while refilling of empty extinguishers is not a novel activity, “how and where they were refilled must be investigated, and safety valves must be checked.”

Officials from the Ministry of Education have also been dispatched to the scene, and permanent secretary Atthaphon Sangkhawasee expressed his condolences to the dead student and impacted friends and family, saying that the ministry would compensate.

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