South Korean Woman

A woman in South Korea has admitted to killing her two new-borns and keeping them in her freezer for two years, saying the reason was economic difficulties raising her other three children.

Her first victim was strangled the day after she was born in 2018, and the woman did the same with her son born in 2019. Her husband claims to have no knowledge of this, saying he was told the children were aborted.

The case came to light when a discrepancy in state record was being sorted out. There was no record of the birth of the two children with the government, but there was a record with the hospital. This alerted Suwon City Hal, the municipal government, which began a police investigation after the woman refused to consent to an onsite investigation.

The search was carried out with a warrant on June 21st, during which the woman confessed to both murders and is set to attend an arrest warrant hearing on Friday.

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