Prince William’s Efforts Against Homelessness


Prince William

Prince William, heir to the British throne and Prince of Wales, recently gave a rare interview to the UK’s Sunday Times detailing his plans and motivations behind his royal duties.

He spoke about his devotion to end homelessness in the UK, a cause instilled in him by his late mother. He says that the status quo is ineffective, and that the focus should be on preventing homelessness in the first place instead of managing growing rates of people ending up sleeping in streets. He says:

This Challenge. If anyone Does Become Homeless

It’s not insurmountable, this challenge. If anyone does become homeless [we can say], “Okay, here’s the way back, here’s the pathway’. We can visualise that and we can show people that there is a way to do it.”

His efforts have been evident in the past as he’s spoken to raise awareness multiple times before and donated to charities, and even spent a night sleeping on the streets of London to experience the challenges first hand. In the interview, he gave an overview of an upcoming project of his, saying “it’s bringing all wonderful people and pieces together of the puzzle” and “from that, we can then get other councils in other parts of the country to copy. It’s about momentum.”

The Prince of Wales had garnered a lot of criticism as well, with many saying that his vantage point is from a tower of privilege, and that his actions may be performative. He’s also faced criticism for the large amount of land he owns. When he was asked about plans using his Duchy Of Cornwall land, he said:

“Absolutely. Social Housing. You’ll see that when it’s ready. I’m no policy expert, but I push it where I can.”

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