495,000 people across 22 districts in the Indian state of Assam have been affected by Flooding as a result of heavy rains and weather irregularities, killing at least one person as reported by local authorities. 14000 people had to be evacuated to shelters and relief camps after the Beki river overflowed from the rain.

Entire villages have been completely drowned by the floodwater, and local television broadcasts show villagers battling against the water to retrieve their belongings and guide their cattle to safety. This comes right alongside one of the worst heatwaves experienced by this side of India, with temperatures reaching almost 47°C over the past weekend.

For the state of Assam, heavy rainfall is normal during the monsoon season which lasts from April to September. This year though, with the advent of climate change and the recent cyclone BIPARJOY which tore through the coastline uprooting trees and infrastructure, the rainfall is much, much worse, resulting in destruction.

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