Parts of Asia are Most affected Currently

With global temperatures on a steady rise courtesy of climate change, parts of Asia are most affected currently. The hottest June day ever was recorded in Beijing, setting a record of temperatures going above 41°C, breaking the previous high of 40.6°C recorded in 1961.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory upgraded the hot weather warning to red, the highest level, warning everyone to avoid outdoor activity and to take precautions for the children and elderly. Of course, for the millions of impoverished in China and especially other affected countries like India and Pakistan, staying out of the sun is simply not an option as many depend on physical labour to afford necessities.

It has been reported that animals like pigs, rabbits and fish have started dying because of the intense heat and power supply in China is heavily affected as reservoirs in the Sichuan province have dried up.

In South Asia, the heat wave has been even more harsh. Temperatures in India and Pakistan have reached highs of 46°C, setting unprecedented records. 68 people have died in Uttar Pradesh of heat related casualties, 25 of them dying on June 16th alone. Dr Diwakar Singh said:

In this temperature, most number of patients are victims of heatstroke, and it won’t take long before people are affected by heatstroke.”

“Most of the patients were above 60 and had already existing ailments. These were exacerbated by the heat and they were brought to the hospital in serious condition. They died despite being given adequate treatments and medicines.”

In Pakistan, the problem is worsened by economic crisis. Many are unable to afford air conditioning units and even fans in the rising prices of electricity, and millions live in houses where whole families settle into one room, making the heat even worse to deal with. A statement from a Pakistani person about this heat says that the floors in their house have become “too hot to walk on barefoot.”

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