Israeli Raid

Amjad Aref al-Jaas died of his wounds after being shot in the stomach during the large-scale Israeli raid on the city of Jenin. This death marks the sixth Palestinian corpse as a result of this raid, including one minor, and not counting the 90 others injured.

Those killed in this raid are tragically young, and have been identified by the health ministry as Ahmed Saqr, 15, Ahmed Daraghmeh, 19, Khaled Darwish, 21, Qassam Sariya, 19, Qassam Faisal Abu Sirriya, 29. Among the injured is also a 15 year old girl.

Medical crews in Jenin were also not spared

Medical crews in Jenin were also not spared. Nibal Farsakh, media and information officer at the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) says four ambulances were hit, and added:

“ [the ambulances were] directly targeted with live ammunition, causing material damage to the structure and the glass of the ambulances themselves.

This is not the only such attack carried out by Israel. In January, people were massacred at a Jenin refugee camp, leading to 10 deaths. Among those killed was Amjad’s 22 year old son Waseem. On Monday, a separate Palestinian man named Zakariya al-Zaaloul was also shot to death.

These are only a few names from the 170 Palestinians, including 26 children, that have been killed in the six months of 2023.

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