Chonhar Bridge

Russian officials say that the Chonhar Bridge that linked southern Ukraine to the Crimean peninsula has been bombed with long-range British Storm Shadow missiles by the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

The Russian governor in occupied Kherson

The Russian governor in occupied Kherson, Vladimir Saldo says that the two parallel bridges were damaged but no one was hurt, and that the attack was “ordered by London”. Photos posted by him show damages to the bridges, but he has said that repairs would be made soon and a temporary route alternative has been set up.

This bridge is especially significant to the war efforts of Moscow. It has the shortest route from Crimes to the southern front lines and links to the occupied city of Melitopol, a major target of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Moreover, Russia has been in control of the Crimean peninsula since 2014.

Meanwhile, both sides continue their efforts. Ukraine’s progress has been slow but increasingly steady, having recaptured 8 villages and settlements from Russian control, and the Kherson region north of the Dnipro river.

Russia continues to strike back, targeting Ukrainian cities with strikes and raids, including the home city of Ukrainian President Zelensky, Kryvyi Rih, and the southern port of Odesa.

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