Jack Teixeira

Air National Guardsman, Jack Teixeira, age 21, was taken into custody in April of 2023 for leaking highly classified Pentagon military documents on social media. He has pled not guilty to six federal charges including wilful retention and transmission of classified information related to the national defence.

Officials claim he leaked information of such nature

Officials claim he leaked information of such nature on the social media platform, Discord, since December 2022, which photos in January including information on the war in Ukraine, intelligence assessments of allies and enemies.

This would not be difficult for Teixeira, has he was in possession of a top-secret security clearance. Prosecutors on the case revealed internal Air Force memos indicating that superiors had repeatedly warned the junior airman about inappropriately accessing classified intelligence.

Teixeira’s lawyers, on the other side, argue that the defendant did not expect information posted on Discord to spread to other parts of the internet and that, even now, it is not as big of a danger to the sovereignty of the USA as the prosecution makes it out to be.

Jen Reed, a spokesman for the Teixeira family, has said:

“We remain as committed as ever and our entire family continues to share complete and unwavering support of Jack as he faced this matter. The important thing is Jack will now have his day in court. And as we move through this process, we are hopeful that Jack will be getting the fair and just treatment he deserves.”

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