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Americans Found Dead

Americans Found Dead – 28 year old Abby Lutz and her boyfriend, 41 year old John Heathco have been discovered dead on Tuesday in a hotel room in the village of El Pescadero in Mexico.

Gabrielle Slate, the stepsister of Abby Lutz, identified the bodies and said through statements and interviews that the couple had believed they had contracted some form of food poisoning. She said:

“They had been sick for a few days. She had gone to the hospital to get an IV and came back to the hotel feeling good.”

“… they had a day of enjoying their trip and doing well and then we were notified yesterday of their passing.”

While the FBI is not involved in the case currently, US law enforcement has confirmed that there are no signals of foul play in the deaths yet and the attorney general’s office has echoed this sentiment. An autopsy conducted revealed the causes of death to be poisoning “by a substance to be determined without traces of violence in the body.”

Henar Gil, the manager of the Rancho Pescadero hotel said:

“We are truly heartbroken by this terrible tragedy. Our hearts are with the impacted families and loved ones during this unimaginable loss. Local authorities are still actively investigating the situation, and the safety and security of our guests and colleagues remains a top priority, as always.”

“We can confirm there was no evidence of violence related to this situation, and we are not aware of any threat to guests. We are working to care for those who have been impacted and we are working closely with the authorities as the conduct their investigation to understand the cause of death.”

Gabrielle has since set up a GoFundMe page for funeral and transportation costs, saying:

“We just want everyone just to know how much we love her. We’re gonna miss her. And we’re sad that it happened the way it did.”

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