Boris Johnson

The former Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, found himself in controversy over allegations of misconduct during the COVID pandemic lockdown, presented by a report that had to be approved or rejected by the Parliament. This Monday, the report was approved.

The committee reported not only on the fact that Johnson

The committee reported not only on the fact that Johnson misled parliament while illegal parties were being held across Downing Street, but also that in giving evidence to the inquiry he continued to mislead the committee itself.

The report was expected to pass, and so it did in the House of Commons by 354 to 7, mostly owing to the fact that Johnson’s conservative party members were not present and those who were, abstained. Johnson himself instigated this, telling his loyal followers not to vote at all, as to not lend the report any credibility.

The passing of the report would’ve resulted in a ban for the former Prime Minister and a consequent by-election, but neither will take place since Johnson resigned as an MP soon after the report was presented.

Current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, also heralding from the conservative party, hopes to put the scandals behind him as they move forward, but the party is currently trailing in the polls.

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