John Romita

John Romita Sr., dying at the ripe age of 93

When John Romita Jr. took to Twitter to confirm the news of his father, John Romita Sr., dying at the ripe age of 93, thousands around the world took the chance to mourn the man who contributed in bringing pieces of their childhood to life.

John Romita Sr. was a renowned comic artist working at Marvel Comics for many years. A graduate from The School of Art And Design in Manhattan, the artist spent 8 years illustrating for DC Comics before joining the Marvel Team to work with company founded Stan Lee on the famous “The Amazing Spider Man” and is always known for co-creating many characters such as Wolverine.

His many contributions led John to becoming art director at Marvel Comics, a role which he cherished and fulfilled wholeheartedly. His death garnered reactions from many in the community including James Gunn, a movie director who worked with Marvel in the creation of the film adaptations of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ series.

James Gunn said:

“My brother and I wrote to Mr. Romita when we were young kids and send him drawings of superheroes we were working on. He wrote us back, telling us what he liked about the drawings! A truly memorable experience in my life, making me feel like the magic of comic books, which seemed so otherworldly, wasn’t actually that far away. My thoughts and condolences are with his family and loved ones.”

As for his son, John Romita Jr. spoke out saying:

I say this with a heavy heart. My father passed away peacefully in his sleep. He is a legend in the art world and it would be my honour to follow in his footsteps. Please keep your thoughts and condolences here out of respect for my family.”

“He is the greatest man I ever met.”

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