Nottingham Attacks

Nottingham Attacks

A 31 year old man has been arrested from the Nottingham city centre on suspicion of murder after police saw someone in a van trying to run over three people on Milton Street, next to the Victoria Centre.

Two people were found dead on Ilkeston Road, and one man was found on Magdala Road. This incident has left the residents scared and scarred, saying they don’t want to be afraid to walk around their city. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he’s being kept informed about all updates on the case. Aside from the three deaths by stabbing, three people were also injured by the van run-over attempts and are being treated in the hospital.

Following this, several roads and transit routes are blocked and the city is left shaken. The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke out about the attacks, saying through Twitter: 

“I join everyone praying for all those affected, for grieving families and friends,”

Additionally, an eye witness spoke out about seeing a young man and young woman being stabbed on Ilkeston Road around 4am. He said he had heard “awful, blood curdling screams” and expressed regret for not trying to intervene through the window. Seeing this traumatic event has left the man scared to leave his house at all.

The city of Nottingham, not accustomed to such violence, has spoken about their collective grief. Naga Munchetty spoke through Radio 5 Live, saying:  

“I don’t want to be scared walking in Nottingham city centre… But when things like this happen, you can’t help but think, ‘is something going to happen?’”

We’re trying so hard as parents or carers to give our kids a bubble of safety, and then things like this happen.” 

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