Pamela: Radio presenter motorway nightmare after being exposed to ‘six willies’ on trip


Today FM’s lunchtime host Pamela Joyce was shocked to see six men doing “emergency wees” on the highway, which made her late for work.

A radio host has talked about how horrified she was to see six men urinating on the side of the road as she drove to work.

Today FM host Pamela Joyce said on air that she had seen a ridiculous number of “willies” as she drove from Dublin, Ireland, to Galway. She then went on social media to talk more about her experience.

She first talked about it live last Friday, and then a minute-long video was posted to the station’s TikTok account.

Pamela, who is from Galway and hosts the 12-2pm slot, said that seeing the “emergency wees” on February 10 took away from her “lovely, carefree vibes.”

Even though there are several services along the route.

So, on Friday, I drove to Galway for the weekend, and she told the Irish Mirror, “I love my Friday drives.”

“Right now, I’m having a great time driving down the M4/6, but my good mood was ruined.

“I saw at least six willies on the two-and-a-half-hour trip from Dublin to Galway. Six! Men messing around on the side of the road is what I’m talking about.

“And I don’t just mean little silhouettes. It was also pulled in on the hard shoulder, and they fiddled with it as much as they liked. “Mickey is blowing in the wind.”

Pamela said, “Come on, I know there are times when you have to leave quickly. When you have to go, you have to go.” But I don’t think there were six places to go to the bathroom on the M6.

“There are top-notch service stations all along the route. You’re never more than 15–20 minutes from a service station on the way to Galway. “Put that thing away!”