Super Bowl rihanna

Cardi B gave her fans a good laugh with her shuffle run while wearing a pair of enormous high heels on Sunday night at the Super Bowl halftime show in an effort to ensure that she would not miss Rihanna’s performance.

For many in the celebrity world, fashion comes first, but on Sunday night, it almost cost Cardi B her life because of her obsession with it.

The singer had every intention of seeing Rihanna perform at the highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance, but due to the footwear she was wearing, she ended herself running very late.

Cardi B is seen running to the State Farm Stadium in Arizona while wearing a pair of enormous hot pink high heels in a video that has since gone viral on the internet.

In the humorous clip, the WAP rapper, who is 30 years old, can be seen attempting to sprint in a pair of platform shoes that are reported to be a Louboutin number and have a heel that is 6.3 inches tall.

She is spotted out and about with her husband Offset, who is 31 years old and is holding her hand as he walks alongside her. Cardi complemented her heeled footwear with a pair of slim jeans, a Chanel sweater in navy, and a pink bag. Her jeans were paired with the designer brand’s signature high-rise silhouette.

And still another voice added: “Damn Offset just pick her up. You are jogging very slowly, just like you are supposed to when wearing those shoes.”

If the celebrity really wanted to make it in time, many people urged her to abandon her fancy heels and run the race in the appropriate manner.

Cardi was able to keep her fans informed about the concert as she was relaxing in her seat thanks to the fact that the happy couple arrived in time to watch it. Cardi B. stated, “We just made it on time,” as Offset formed the shape of a love heart with his fingers, and Offset smiled.

Rihanna was set to break her big news to the public inside the sold-out stadium, which was that she is expecting her second child and is pregnant with that child.

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