Wild goose chase

PLYMOUTH, Maine (WABI) – On Friday morning, residents of Plymouth were dispatched on a search and rescue effort. Wild goose chase situation.

People from the neighbourhood were coordinating their efforts in order to bring in a goose.

According to what they said in an interview with TV5, when the rest of the flock went south for the winter, this one stayed behind since it had a damaged wing.

They worked together despite the bitter wind and temperatures well below freezing in an effort to save the bird, which they came to view as a fellow community member who was in need.

That definitely points to Plymouth. The entirety of this town is like that. We are all concerned about one another. Steve Dupuis made the following statement: “We shall take care of each other and animals and everybody like that.” A resident of Plymouth.

“Today, we had to change our approach from attempting to corral him to chasing him down, and we failed at that,” said Danny DiMeo, the owner of PVS Kitchen. “We had to change our plan from trying to corral him to chasing him down.”

According to what he said, they were unsuccessful in capturing the geese on this particular day.

An wounded goose had remained behind in Plymouth, Maine, after the rest of its flock had moved south for the winter. The people of Plymouth, Maine set out on a mission to save the goose. In spite of the severe weather circumstances, the members of the community worked together in an effort to trap the bird. However, their efforts were not effective, leading some to refer to it as a “wild goose chase.”

Despite this, the community members have not given up hope on their struggling neighbour, and they intend to try another rescue expedition in a few days. The way in which they behave demonstrates not only their concern for one another but also for the creatures who live in their community.

However, they have stated that they will most likely give it another shot in a few days.