The proprietor of an arts and crafts centre had to put his peacock in a cage after the bird caused damage to the vehicle of a customer.

John Blunt is the proprietor of the Ferrers Centre, which is located in Staunton Harold on the boundary between Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

He claimed that Toby caused hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage when he pecked at his reflection on a sparkling black BMW that was parked on the premises.

Mr. Blunt has purchased a peahen mate for Toby in the expectation that she will lift Toby’s spirits, allowing him to recover his freedom.

He said: “He was spotted scratching up a black automobile rather badly, and it was clear that he was the one who did it.

“He was picking at his mirror, picking at the dark paintwork of the car, which was black.

“It may be rather normal for them to see their reflection, but it’s a first-time experience for both of us.

“Since the peacock was on my property, it was my responsibility to fix it, and now I have a bill to pay for the damage.”

Netting has been placed over the top of Toby’s pen in an effort to prevent him from escaping.

Mr. Blunt stated, “I’d idealistically like to let him out again because he’s become such a tremendous attraction.”

He stated that he believed that by providing Toby with a potential mate, he might be able to restrain his propensity to attack automobiles; but, the peahen was “playing hard to get” thus far.

However, he has a positive outlook on the possibility that they could develop a romantic relationship in the future.

“Our expectation is that they will eventually mate and produce some eggs.

He continued by saying, “Who knows, we might have some small baby peacocks.”