Winter storm

The National Weather Service predicted significant precipitation and severe gusts in certain areas of the Pacific Northwest on Monday, prompting preparations for a winter storm.

For sections of southern Washington and northwestern Oregon, winter storm and winter weather advisories have been issued. According to officials, snow is predicted to cover the area starting Tuesday morning and lasting until midday.

The NWS warned of wind gusts as high as 40 mph in some regions, in addition to an anticipated six to eleven inches of snow in areas above 2,000 feet (and two to seven inches below 2,000 feet). Travel was heavily discouraged in certain places, including Medford, Oregon, according to officials.

A half-inch of snow is forecast for Portland, which is under a winter weather advisory, for late Monday night into early Tuesday. Authorities warned locals to travel carefully because they anticipated slick road conditions.
Plains thunderstorms and showers

According to the forecast service, stormy weather will spread across the western United States, and a low pressure system in the Central and Southern Plains will pelt the area with thunderstorms and showers on Monday.

As a low pressure system responsible for the recent gloomy weather moves off the East Coast into the Atlantic Ocean, the meteorological service predicted that the eastern part of the country will see “unseasonably pleasant and mainly calm” weather starting Monday. Late last week, severe Winter storm and strong winds affected much of the Southeast.

Northeastern winter weather is anticipated to become milder
The NWS predicted that the Appalachians, which run from the upper Northeast down to Alabama, will see a significant decrease in snowfall to start the week. Last week, there were winter weather warnings in place for the whole region; in Maine, snowfall totaled more than 7 inches.

In some areas of Virginia and southeast West Virginia, a winter weather advisory that warned of up to an inch of sleet, snow, and freezing rain was scheduled to expire at midnight on Monday.

The majority of the eastern half of the country can anticipate temperatures to rise again on Monday, according to the NWS.

There are high wind warnings in place for parts of Texas and New Mexico.

According to the NWS, wind gusts are predicted to reach 65 mph and higher on Monday night into Tuesday in the Southern Plains, north Texas, and eastern New Mexico.

The NWS office in Midland/Odessa, Texas, issued a warning saying that people “should avoid being outside in forested areas and around trees and branches.” “Avoid looking out of windows during the windstorm and, if at all possible, stay in the lower levels of your house. Drive carefully if you must.

Additionally, officials issued warnings to drivers of commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks, which can be overturned by powerful gusts of wind.

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