Sylvester Stallone

In his illustrious career, Sylvester Stallone has tried almost every action stunt.

However, in the Sylvester Stalloneinspired Paramount+ Super Bowl commercial “Stallone Face,” the action hero scales “Paramount Mountain” with a big stone nose that is styled after his own nose.

In regards to the commercial, which debuted on Thursday, Stallone, 76, tells USA TODAY that “it was just a matter of time before someone climbed my nose.” “It is almost as large as Everest. This made it inevitable. I was fortunate enough to be sinus-free that day.”

At base camp, Stallone’s daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet are joined by Paramount stars like Dora the Explorer, Capt. Pike from “Star Trek: Discovery,” and Lt. Dangle from “Reno 911,” played by Thomas Lennon.

The 30-second Super commercial, which costs an average of $7 million, is a part of Paramount+’s eccentric Mountain of Entertainment marketing campaign.

Sophia, 26, says of the renowned 10-foot Rocky statue, which is still a popular Philadelphia tourist destination, “It’s weird, but I believed there was nothing that could surpass that statue of my dad.” “Apparently, a mountain can top it now. What could be superior to a mountain?”

His daughters, however, are not really impressed and belittle the rise and final fall by saying, “He does this.”


The rolling of his daughters’ eyes is a metaphor for the Stallone family dynamic, which is also examined in the eight-part reality series “The Family Stallone,” which will premiere on Paramount+ in the spring and stars Stallone, his wife Jennifer Flavin, and their three daughters.

“Dealing with my father is similar to working with a younger sibling. As a result, we frequently roll our eyes at him “Sistine, 24, explains. “We were therefore justified in saying, “Oh Sly, he’s climbing his own face and now he’s falling off.” He makes bizarre comments. He acts irrationally. So, this isn’t too dissimilar from everyday life.”

Stallone pointed out “a very gorgeous young man” nearby just before his family Zoom chat Wednesday to discuss the commercial, drawing a significant eye roll from Sistine.

Stallone says, “I thought maybe she should meet him. I was in serious trouble.

Yes, he practically asked, “Is that the one you think is hot?” while pointing to this guy. states Sistine. I was tempted to hide under the desk.

Stallone spent hours scaling an ill-defined face put onto a raised platform for the Paramount commercial, but he relied on “CGI sorcery” to make the mountain look like his grunting twin.

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