Two days after the humiliating assault by her classmates, Adriana Kuch, a student at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, New Jersey, was discovered dead by her parents.

Two days after a video of her being assaulted and battered by other kids was shared on social media, a teenage girl killed herself.

First-year high school student Adriana Kuch, 14, was discovered dead by her parents at their residence two days after the assault on Wednesday, February 1.

Teenagers were reportedly seen in the 20-second tape mocking, punching, kicking, and pulling Adriana’s hair while others laughed and recorded the savage assault.

The loss of Adriana and the degrading act have prompted outrage among the neighbourhood, which condemns a continuous bullying problem.

A third-degree felony assault complaint was brought against three of the four girls in the video, while a disorderly conduct prosecution was brought against the fourth.

Adriana’s school, Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, New Jersey, US, saw a protest walkout on Wednesday from students who claimed the 14-year-old had endured years of terrible bullying.

According to them, it may have been avoided if bullying had been adequately addressed beforehand, according to News 12.

“It’s nasty, it’s utterly disgusting, and I want people, I hope adolescents were better than this,” said student Maria Laycock. “Bullying is never acceptable.”

Meredith Demuro, a student at the school, told Patch that she felt the school’s response to the incident was inadequate and that “we want them to be charged.”

Lance Jones, a different student, claimed that the school made an effort to keep pupils in the dark about Adriana’s fate.

Nobody was supposed to be aware that Adriana had committed suicide, he said.

But he said that it spread across the school as a result of teachers talking about it.

Jones claimed that after Kuch killed her, the school’s administrators attempted to get students to remove the attack’s video evidence.

They’re attempting to quiet us, he declared.

Michael Kuch, Adriana’s father, wanted justice and alleged that the teenager committed herself as a result of the humiliating incident.

He said to ABC7: “They find it amusing to attack someone, record the attack, and upload the footage.

Adriana wasn’t wounded by being hit with a water bottle; rather, she was hurt by the ridicule and disgrace that she was subjected to.

Kuch criticised the way the school handled the circumstance, saying: “When my daughter genuinely passes out, they send her to the nurse’s office rather than calling an ambulance.

Adriana, who loved animals, was the happiest, most attractive young woman in the world.