Both Rihanna and her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky Since the birth of their kid in May of last year, Rocky has been vocal about the ‘impossible’ challenge of striking a work-life balance.

After the birth of her first child last year, Rihanna said it was “nearly impossible” to strike a balance between business and motherhood.

The 34-year-old musician and her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky welcomed a son in May of 2016. Their approximately nine-month-old child still does not have a name, and neither of them has announced it.

Work will always “rob you of time with your child,” Rihanna has remarked, admitting that it has been hard to find time to spend with her baby.

“Work is something that, no matter how you slice it, will take time away from your child, making a work-life balance nearly impossible.

That’s the current unit of exchange, and that’s where it goes; the weight of your decision matters “She made the comments at Apple Music’s Super Bowl press conference.

Rihanna is getting ready for her first major live performance in six years, which will take place during this year’s Super Bowl.

She stressed the importance of her kid being there during the show.

“There is something exciting about the prospect of taking on the biggest stage you’ve seen in seven years. It’s vital for my son to see that and for the representation to be accurate “stated Rihanna in an interview. To which she elaborated: “Part of my motivation for doing the show is to act as a voice for my country, for immigrants, and for people of colour. That’s a major motivation for me to take on this task.”

We Found Love, Lift Me Up, and We Got It From Here are just a handful of the classics that will be featured in Rihanna’s 12-minute Super Bowl performance, which will also include a few new songs to please fans.

This Sunday at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, she will be the first performer in the newly renamed Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show.

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