Chinese balloon was

Sources within US intelligence have stated that the balloon that was shot down on Saturday was being utilised for spying purposes by the Chinese balloon military.

The Washington Post was told by officials who spoke on condition of anonymity that they believed such balloons were deployed to collect intelligence on strategically relevant territories.

Countries such as Japan, India, Taiwan, and the Philippines are included in this group.

Officials from China have already refuted claims that their country uses surveillance balloons.

The United States intelligence community felt that some of the balloons were being launched from the island of Hainan, which is located in southern China and is home to a naval military installation, according to an official who spoke to the Washington Post.

CBS News has confirmed, citing an unnamed senior official in the Biden administration, that the US intelligence community believes the balloon was part of a “aerial surveillance programme run by the People’s Liberation Army out of Hainan.” The programme is described in the words of CBS News as “run by the People’s Liberation Army out of Hainan.”

A senior official in the Biden administration acknowledged to CBS News that the United States provided a briefing on the alleged act of espionage to forty of its allies on Monday.

Wendy Sherman, the Deputy Secretary of State, disclosed in that briefing that one balloon had successfully circumnavigated the earth in 2019, flying over both Hawaii and Florida.

According to an official in the Biden administration, a group of US Congressional leaders known as the Gang of Eight that is responsible for reviewing things related to national intelligence will be briefed on the development on Wednesday, and Congress will be notified on Thursday.

The United States Department of Defense reported a week ago that a second Chinese balloon surveillance balloon had been seen flying over Costa Rica and Venezuela.

A diplomatic dispute between the United States and China has been brought on by the purported finding of spy balloons.