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Adult social care may be the right career in care choice for you if you’re seeking for a flexible position where no two days are the same and you can actually improve people’s lives.

There are numerous options available, regardless of whether you recently graduated from college or are considering a career in care change. You might be assisting a person in a nursing home on a daily basis or assisting a young person with a disability to live life to the fullest.

You can learn on the job with training even if you don’t think you have the necessary credentials or experience in the field. Consider your abilities and capabilities; there are many different jobs out there right now, and you might just have what your new company is looking for.

As Felicia has learned, working in adult social care has many benefits, including close relationships with residents, a creative team, and a good work-life balance.

Felicia was a nurse in Brazil, but the 36-year-old mother decided she wanted a change of pace and to work with senior citizens after relocating to Warrington, Cheshire.

Felicia started working at a women’s residential home three years ago, and ever since, her career in care has taken off. Additionally, by working 25 hours each week, she can balance work and family obligations.

Everyone is welcome to participate, even if they don’t have full mobility, says Felicia. “We do crafts, quizzes, and exercise.” I planned a movie afternoon last month. I created bags of candy and popcorn, and we decorated the space. I make an effort to improve the residents’ days by bringing a little bit of the outside world into the residence.

Though there is much more to the work than that; in addition, Felicia evaluates care plans with her manager and provides medication. Additionally, each day is unique.

“Being a career in care worker is not for you if you’re the kind of person who just wants to come to work and do the same thing every day,” she claims. We have a routine, of course, but things can happen that you weren’t expecting.

Felicia is currently working as a senior care provider and pursuing a leadership degree.

“Care work is not for everyone,” she asserts. “You must be passionate about it. But the payoff is enormous. You feel so worthwhile when you help someone become more independent or happy.

Cora, a 91-year-old resident who had recently moved into the facility six months ago, has profited significantly from Felicia’s work.

In every way, Felicia is really helpful, explains Cora. “Since I don’t see well, she reads to me and explains things; we even sew together. We enjoy talking and laughing since we have similar senses of humour. Even on her day off, she drove me to church, which was a fantastic experience. Felicia made sure everything went smoothly despite the fact that it had been a while since I had gone out.

Patrick, who has a global development delay, is being cared for by Danielle, who also encourages him in leading a happy and carefree life.

Danielle has risen through the ranks of the care industry to become manager of a facility, but she decided she wanted to broaden her experience and interact with younger people, so she started working as a carer for Patrick, who is 28 years old.

Career in care

You live in someone’s home when you participate in assisted living. People obviously have various requirements, but for Patrick it’s all about his life and routine, including his interests, responsibilities, and time spent with friends and family, according to Danielle, 35.

“I choose to work different shifts to accommodate my schedule, and if I’m working a 14-hour shift, it begins with assisting Patrick with getting ready for the day. He can shower himself, but I’ll assist him with shaving, breakfast, and hopefully making healthy food choices as he gets dressed and dressed.

Danielle was supervised by other staff members after relocating to Upward Care, a provider of supported living with headquarters in the West Midlands. It can get really vibrant and social here, which is wonderful fun, she says, because Patrick lives with two other men who each have their own carers. “Patrick leads a very active life and enjoys a good laugh, therefore I find it quite satisfying to play a significant role in his support and assuring his happiness.

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