Overnight in Los Angeles, the 65th Annual Grammy Awards were presented, honouring a wide range of musical artists and performers, from Ozzy Osbourne and Adele to Willie Nelson and Beyoncé.

Beyoncé surpassed Diana Ross as the artist with the most awards in Grammy Awards history, while Viola Davis became the first woman to win an EGOT. Harry Styles’ record won the prized award for best album.

The following are five of the most memorable moments, both good and bad, from a ceremony that was filled with more unexpected turns and twists than a helter skelter in a hall of mirrors.

Beyoncé rewrites the rules for everyone else in the music industry with the release of each new album she creates.

She has altered the ways in which pop music is composed, produced, released, presented, and promoted, beginning with her self-titled visual album in 2013, continuing with the confessional masterpiece that was 2016’s Lemonade, and culminating with her disco fantasy album Renaissance from the previous year.

Her contemporaries are filled with amazement and adoration as she accomplishes this feat. At tonight’s ceremony, Lizzo echoed the sentiments that Adele had previously spoken in 2017. She exclaimed, “You definitely are the artist of our life!”

Beyoncé broke the record for most awards won with her 32nd trophy, which she received at the ceremony. She was already tied for first place with her husband Jay-Z as the artist with the most nominations in history (they have 88 each).

Despite all of this affection, however, she has not been successful in winning the major prizes. She has only only won one award out of the major, all-genre categories for which she has been nominated a total of sixteen times: song of the year in 2010 for “Single Ladies” (Put A Ring On It).

This year, it was widely believed that Renaissance would win the award for best album of the year. It was the release that received the highest amount of critical acclaim in 2022 and was hailed as a compassionate and in-depth exploration of black and homosexual dance culture.

Beyoncé, however, did not win the award for best female artist for the fourth time in her career. This time around, the title was won by Harry Styles. Before, it was Beck, Adele, and Taylor Swift who held the record.

What exactly is the point that the Grammy Awards are trying to make with this statement? Because it seems to be saying, “Stop trying to impress us and produce music that we can relate to.”

A sentiment such as this is not completely out of character for them. The music industry decided to promote “decent” music in the face of the terrible onslaught of rock & roll and establish the awards in 1958. However, ever since then, the Grammys have lagged behind every significant development in the music industry.

It is common knowledge that The Beatles were more successful individually after their breakup than they were when they were together, and rap music did not even have its own category until 1989.

Therefore, it is possible that Beyoncé will finally receive the recognition she deserves when she is in her sixties.

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