Australia shark attack
Friends of Stella Berry (inset) have opened up about their grief. Miss Berry was killed by a shark while swimming in the Swan River on Saturday.

Stella Berry, 16, was swimming in a river in Western Australia (WA) when she was attacked and murdered by a shark attack. Berry has been identified as the victim.

On Saturday in Perth, the schoolgirl’s body was recovered from the Swan River, but it was later determined that she had passed away.

Stella and her companions were riding jet skis when she decided to swim with dolphins and was assaulted, according to the police. Stella had gone into the water to interact with the dolphins.

Her parents issued a statement in which they described themselves as “devastated and extremely astonished.”

The Berrys’ daughter was described as a “vibrant and cheerful girl” who had a passion for painting and the water by her parents, Matt and Sophie.

“She was a kind person who was a good friend to many… a lovely and loving big sister and the best daughter we could have asked for,” said her family. “She was the best daughter we could have dreamed for.”

Stella was described as “the loveliest and smartest girl that I knew” by one of her friends, Lara Connolly, in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Lara remarked on how charitable the woman was.

The WA Fisheries Minister has stated that it was “likely” a bull shark attack that was involved, although the investigation into the type of shark attack that was involved is still ongoing.

Don Punch stated that the government will investigate the various options for preventing future instances of a similar nature.

“Shark barriers are something that we are always open to discussing with the local administration,”

It is unusual to see shark attack in that section of the Swan River, according to the experts in the fishing industry, and this assault is the first deadly one along the river in one hundred years.

In the course of human history, deaths caused by shark bites have rarely occurred. The death rate from shark attacks in Australia has been recorded as 0.9, which is less than one person per year over the course of more than a century.

In 2021, there were a total of two fatal shark attacks, while in 2020 there were seven.

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