Arctic blast

The weekend will begin with an Arctic blast that will bring extremely low temperatures and strong winds to the Northeast.

Boston, where the wind chill might feel as low as 40 below zero, was expected to experience record-breaking temperatures as a result of the storm, which was expected to arrive Thursday night and persist through Saturday.

According to Bob Larson, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, “the major push of extreme cold is coming right down the eastern states, particularly across New England.” “As the weekend approaches, there will be the epicentre of the bitter cold.”

Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Midwestern states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio will all be affected by the frigid weather.

What you should know about the winter weather this week is as follows: ‘Dangerous cold’ temperatures are predicted.
The following states will see the coldest temperatures during the storm:

  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Hampshire, New
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Providence, RI
  • A new York

From New York City northward, during the day on Friday, there will be wind gusts of 40 to 40 miles per hour across this region, according to Larson. It produces really unpleasant feels-like temperatures when combined with those extremely low temps.


In New York City, it will feel like 20 below zero; in Boston, 30 to 40 below; and throughout much of Maine, 40 to 60 below.

Larson declared, “That’s dangerously chilly.” Without a doubt, several records for the lowest temperatures will be broken.

In Boston, the lowest temperature ever recorded for February 4 was 2 below zero in 1886. During the storm, temperatures are predicted to drop to between 5 and 10 below zero.

By Sunday, when the area’s temperatures return to the 30s and 40s, the cold is predicted to be over.