Jeremy Renner

A police report says that actor Jeremy Renner got stuck while trying to stop a snowplough from hitting his nephew. The snowplough then crushed him.

Alexander Fries’s car was stuck in the snow, so the Marvel star used the six-ton PistenBully plough to help him get it out.

A report from the Washoe County sheriff’s office said that the big car then started to roll down the hill.

Jeremy Renner was hurt in the accident in his “torso, face, extremities, and head.”

Since then, the actor, who is known for playing the Marvel superhero Hawkeye, who uses a bow, has been in the hospital getting better.

Renner had said before that the accident broke more than 30 of his bones, but that they would “grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends grows deeper.”

Around the start of the new year, there was an accident near the Mount Rose Highway, which connects Lake Tahoe and south Reno and goes through both Nevada and California.

The Press Association got a report from deputy Garret Leone that said when Jeremy Renner got to the scene, he talked to his nephew, who was the only other person there.

“Jeremy is his uncle, and he was helping him get the Ford pickup truck out of the driveway. The pickup truck kept getting stuck in the driveway, so they used the PistenBully to pull it out “In his report, Deputy Leone said.

“They connected the front of the Ford pickup to the back of the PistenBully with a chain. They pulled the pickup truck out of the driveway, and Alexander parked it in the middle of the street.

“Jeremy made the PistenBully go back the way it came, which was west on Drive. Once the PistenBully was turned around, Jeremy got out to try to talk to Alexander.

“Alexander saw the PistenBully coming straight at him on Drive from the east, but there was no one in the car.

“Alexander was running toward the truck when he saw Jeremy jump on the PistenBully’s tracks to get into the cab of the truck. Alexander said that Jeremy got stuck on the PistenBully trucks and was eventually run over by one.”

Mr. Fries started “screaming for help” because he didn’t have his phone, and two neighbours helped him. They gave Renner towels and helped him until medical help arrived.

According to another report from deputy Jonathan Miller, “Jeremy Renner tried to get on the track to stop the PistenBully or get it to go in a different direction so that it wouldn’t run over his nephew.

The track rolled over Jeremy Renner after he was pulled under the PistenBully, the report said.

Since the accident, the actor has kept his fans up to date on how he is doing. On Saturday, he told those who sent him messages of support that he appreciated them.

Renner has played Hawkeye in several Marvel movies, including Thor, Black Widow, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame. He has also had his own TV show about the character.

The Hurt Locker, Arrival, 28 Weeks Later, American Hustle, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol are some of the other movies he has been in.

Renner also played a lead role in The Bourne Legacy, which came out in 2012 and was the only movie in the series that didn’t star Matt Damon. He also recently made a cameo in the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion.

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