suffered severe burns

Teen, 19, suffered severe burns in horror incident, Distressing images ahead: Illinois student Samantha D’Aprile, 19, recounts how she was cooking cookies when the chocolate she was melting erupted in her face, leaving her severe burns.

A 19-year-old lady has spoken out about how she lost her sight and suffered severe burns when chocolate she was heating burst in her face.

In December 2021, while preparing chocolate cookies with her mother, Samantha D’Aprile, a 19-year-old student from Illinois, US, nearly lost her sight when a saucepan burst.

Her eyes were swelled shut when she got at the hospital, and the doctors warned her she would probably lose her sight.

“When I found out my vision was practically gone, I told the doctors I didn’t want to live anymore,” Samantha said. “For a few days, I was in a pitch black room and I thought I was going mad. Not living like that for the rest of my life is something I just can’t imagine.

It was the most terrifying experience of my life to go from having perfect vision to being told the next day that I might be blind forever.

Samantha told that after the pot exploded in her face, it felt like her “eyes were on fire” and that they eventually began to swell shut due to the burns.

She hurried to the bathroom sink and splashed cold water on her eyes, but it made no difference.

Samantha’s mother hurried her to the emergency room, where she was told the facility would not treat burns.

The teenager alleges she was in excruciating pain for two hours before she was moved to another Chicago hospital.

In her words: “My body had begun to shut down from the pain, but after being administered morphine, I was able to breathe normally again.

“As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I was taken to a room and subjected to a battery of examinations and procedures. My eyes were swelled shut at this time, I couldn’t open my mouth because it had been burned shut, and I was extremely euphoric from all the drugs I’d been taking.”

An expert for the visually impaired came to my home and taught me the basics of mobility, including how to use public restrooms and other activities I had never given much thought to before.

One patient described his or her first night in the hospital as follows: “The first night in the hospital was awful, I couldn’t sleep, and any sleep I did get I was woken up by nurses giving me medication and them prying my eyes open to put drops in, which was really painful.”

Samantha went home from the hospital after two days, but she still had to return for daily testing because she couldn’t see.

What did she say? “I spent every day in bed, dozing off. My mental health was deteriorating since all I could see was darkness and there was nothing I could do about it. After three days of blindness, my doctor finally tested my eyes to check if they were still functional.

“It was really dark when the doctor peeled them back, but he slid in some “band-aids” for my eyes. He said my eyes looked if I’d slashed them both with a razor.

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