Tearful nurse

Community Tearful nurse Jade McCauley, 34, cried when she sent in her resignation to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, but then she joined the strikers on the picket line.

A compassionate Tearful nurse broke down in tears as she turned in her resignation from the job she loves, only to change her mind and join the strike.

The Health Secretary has warned that “unaffordable” salary rises “would mean lowering patient care” as thousands of English nurses go on strike over a continuing pay dispute with the government.

The yearly pay of Jade McCauley was set to increase by £8,000 as she began a new job the following day.

On the other hand, the community Tearful nurse at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital experienced a change of heart because she truly cared about her patients.

The 34-year-old woman gave an interview to the Mirror on the picket line outside the hospital today.

She also voiced her concerns about patient safety and urged Rishi Sunak to “spend a day in our shoes.”

“Patient safety is my number one concern,” she said.
The Prime Minister ought to come and walk a mile in our boots!

It was supposed to be my last day of work today. I was planning on quitting the NHS, but I found that I had grown too attached to both my patients and my colleagues to leave.

Many tears were shed because of it, Jade said.

I was sobbing when I sent in my resignation, but the $8,000 raise was worth it. “My heart ultimately chose nursing, but many others are leaving.” Nikki Wells, another striker and a colleague of Jade’s, chimed in that she, too, had lost any sense of pride in the NHS.

The community nurse, who is now 54 years old, stated, “I’ve worked in Canada and the United States, and I used to be so proud of the NHS that I would talk about it.

The thought just won’t leave me!

When I asked her why she decided to participate in today’s demonstration, she answered, “Basically for the younger nurses, basically.” All I see now are departing nurses. Former threats have been made, but now I can see nurses actually leaving.

She mentioned that friends of hers have gone into fields such as flight attendant and municipal council.

To elaborate, she said, “It just makes me so sad.”

“I’m getting paid around $19 an hour,” I estimated.

The hourly rate offered by one NHS recruitment service for agency nurses to cover during strike days is $40.

I just think we feel devalued and not appreciated,” Nikki remarked.

And especially in light of all that has transpired with Covid, how hard everyone worked, and how stressful it all was. The government doesn’t seem to care about us, and that’s incredibly frustrating.

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