There are currently 220 TSB branches operating in the UK; following the most recent round of closures, which are taking place throughout the month of May 2023, that number will drop to 211.
As a result of the increasing number of customers who prefer to bank online, TSB will be closing nine additional bank branches in May of this year.

This follows the financial services giant’s closure of 70 locations in 2022.

There are currently 220 TSB branches operating in the UK; following these most recent branch closures, that number will drop to 211.

There are other options available to you if you require assistance in person and are concerned about your neighbourhood bank going out of business.

On certain days of each month, TSB will host pop-up banks and hubs where customers can go to get assistance and advice.

You can get assistance with managing your payments, including direct debits, reporting lost or stolen cards, and getting assistance if you’ve recently lost a loved one. These are just some of the services that are offered.
On the TSB website, you will be able to find out when a pop-up TSB bank will be opening up in your area.

Customers of TSB can use Post Office branches for a variety of banking services in addition to cashing checks and making deposits, as well as checking balances and withdrawing cash.

TSB has issued the following statement via a spokesperson: “The decision to close a branch is never made lightly; however, our customers are banking differently, with a greater number of them using digital banking.”

“We have not wavered in our commitment to establishing a national branch network, and over the past two years, we have upgraded it with an investment of thirty million pounds.”

“Now, more than ever before, TSB customers have more ways to bank with us than ever before,” and these new ways include video, telephone, digital, branch, and other face-to-face services.
This year, TSB is not the only bank to announce that it will be closing branches.

HSBC has announced that it will close 114 of its branches in 2023, which is approximately a quarter of its total number of locations.

Next year, Lloyds will be shutting down an additional 14 banks, while NatWest currently has 43 branches scheduled to be permanently closed.

Santander and Halifax will both be closing five locations, and Nationwide will be closing one.

This equates to a total of 217 financial institutions having their closing dates set for the year 2023.

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