Taylor Greene cute

Democrats had previously removed Taylor Greene and Gosar from their positions of power because they saw them for what they are: dangerous weirdos whose opinions run counter to those of the United States.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Tennessee), who is, to put it nicely, nuts, has been appointed to the House Homeland Security Committee. Millions more Americans have conspiratorial uncles who believe there are “serious doubts” regarding President Joe Biden’s continued existence and who will cheer this decision because they can now share their findings on Facebook without being called out as a nut.

On Tuesday, Taylor Greene and Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar, who also believes in conspiracy theories, were reinstated to their committee seats. Both are dangerous weirdos whose opinions are opposed to American ideals, and the Democrats rightly freed them of such responsibilities in the past.

Greene has supported the ludicrous QAnon conspiracy theory, agreed with those who doubt 9/11 was an inside job, and claimed that mass massacres in schools were government false-flag operations.

Some people might be alarmed by the company Paul Gosar keeps.
After Gosar posted an anime movie in which he killed New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacked Vice President Joe Biden, he was removed from his committee responsibilities in 2021.

According to a CNN report, he went to the border with “a blogger who has praised Nazi Germany; a Gosar-endorsed congressional candidate who would be removed from Twitter for calling for executing election officials; and a speaker who would be removed from the 2020 Republican National Convention for sharing an antisemitic conspiracy theory describing an elaborate Jewish plan for global domination.”

Gosar has been appointed to the Committee on Natural Resources, where he will likely push for legislation on whatever marine and avian conservation issues are prioritised by the white nationalist movement.

It even a dangerous person like Marjorie Taylor Greene can make it in the Republican Party is a testament to that.
The fact that Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, was able to become speaker of the House should provide as ample explanation for his decision to reelevate this duo of cranks. I believe he made a bargain with what amounts to the devil in exchange for their votes.

The safety of our country will definitely improve with Greene on the committee, protecting us from…. hold on, let me check my notes… Ah, yes. A child’s face being torn off and worn as a mask by ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ex-aide Huma Abedin as part of a satanic ritual in which they drink children’s blood will be less likely to happen. A year ago, Taylor Greene voiced her agreement with that specific conspiracy theory, which she dubbed “Frazzledrip” for reasons I cannot fathom.

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