Boris Johnson 8k

Boris Johnson has been accused of trying to hide evidence related to the Partygate scandal. The ex-prime minister allegedly also joked that a Downing Street party held during a lockdown was “the most unsocially distant” in the UK.

With an investigation into the lockdown controversy on the horizon, Boris Johnson has been accused of a cover-up about allegations that information related to Partygate was ­shredded.

The former prime minister was also quoted as saying at a Downing Street party during the pandemic that it was “the most unsocially distant” event in the UK.

These allegations were made by an insider at No. 10 weeks before it was possible that public hearings would commence into whether Mr. Johnson misled MPs over Partygate.

This is what the source said about it on a podcast: “There was a sense, and the inference, that we should start erasing evidence before a ­investigation. And many people began shredding paper and other materials.

The source also stated that images taken at parties were erased from phones and that fake “awards” that had been posted on the walls were ripped down.

“The claim that vital records were pushed through the shredder are serious,” Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, stated. Claims that crucial evidence was purposefully hidden away point to a high-level cover-up operation.

The former Prime Minister in question must answer some very tough questions concerning his personal involvement. I mean, what were they trying to hide?

To which Unlock Democracy director Tom Brake remarked, “There can be no excuse for trashing documents and only one explanation… there is something damning to hide.”

Mr. Johnson claimed “every guidance was followed” after the Mirror published the ­Partygate report in 2021.

On the other hand, the source revealed on ITV’s ­Partygate: According to The Insider, at the Tory leader’s farewell party, he made a joke about how 20 people were “sat on top of each other like a Tube carriage.”

Someone on the inside supposedly overheard the Prime Minister. The phrase “this is the most unsocially distant party in the UK” was overheard. A good time was had by all, as evidenced by the laughter.

Mr. Johnson was among the 126 people who received Partygate fines from the police. However, the insider claimed that not all of the parties were questioned.

The ex-denials PM’s of the Partygate scandal were discussed during today’s Privileges Committee meeting, during which the committee sought proof that he was in contempt of Parliament.

At a London club, Mr. Johnson revealed a portrait of himself that portrayed him in a considerably slimmer light.