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Several Google Pixel devices are eligible for their first upgrade in 2023, which includes support for spatial audio, camera, Bluetooth, and display difficulties.
Android Users of Google’s top smartphones have been asked to check their settings as a new update is ready.

This morning, the Google Pixel January 2023 update started to roll out to a variety of Pixel devices, including the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

The software updates have now begun rolling out to all Pixel smartphones running Android 13 and will continue over the course of the ensuing weeks in stages.

Google has urged android users to check their Android version and update as soon as possible to take advantage of all the most recent features and fixes. Pixel owners will receive a message when the most recent update is available to them.

For some devices, the most recent software update includes support for spatial audio, and Google has confirmed that the Pixel Buds Pro will also receive this functionality “in the coming weeks.”

The update released today will also enhance fingerprint recognition and repair a variety of issues with Bluetooth, the camera, and the display.

Millions of customers could have access to the improvements because the update is also available for some of Google’s older handsets, including the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixal 5a, and Pixel 4a.

The Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7, and 7 Pro will all have enhanced support for Spatial Audio, offering “surround sound” for any connected headset, as one of the major enhancements to coming with Google’s January 2023 update.

In addition to this, the update includes a variety of fixes for problems customers may have been having.

Both a Bluetooth repair for a problem that occasionally prevented Bluetooth Low Energy devices or accessories from pairing or reconnecting and a different Bluetooth patch for a problem that occasionally prevented audio from playing through some headphones when connected will help all devices.

An issue that caused the user interface to display in the landscape while the device was in portrait mode will also be fixed for all devices.

Android Users of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will also receive a remedy for a display and graphics issue that occasionally stopped the display from waking up when the device was powered on, as well as a fix for a camera issue that occasionally resulted in photographs being garbled or distorted while zoomed in.

In the meantime, a biometrics update for the Pixel 6a and 7 will further enhance the device’s fingerprint recognition.

Android 13-powered smartphones can presently download the January 2023 Google Pixel update.

By opening the Settings app on your phone and selecting About Phone > Android Version from the menu, you can quickly determine the Android version.

When the update is ready for your device, you will receive a notification. To begin the update, open the notification and touch the update action.

Even if you deleted the notification, you can still manually launch the update by going to System > System update in the Settings app on your phone.

Here, you can check to see whether a fresh update is available and begin the upgrade by following the instructions on the screen.

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