Parts of northern India are in the middle of a severe, long-lasting cold wave that has messed up everyday life. The fog is so thick that it has caused more than 100 flights and dozens of trains to be late. This has caused chaos at airports and train stations.

The government in Delhi’s capital city has asked schools to extend their winter breaks and canceled classes.

On Sunday, the temperature had dropped to 1.9C in some parts of the city.

A severe cold wave has also hit other northern states. In Indian-controlled Kashmir, the temperature has dropped to -6C (21F).

cold wave

When the lowest temperature drops below 4C, India’s weather service calls it a cold wave.

People have been told by the weather department to “avoid or limit outdoor activities” until the weather gets better. People have also been told to be careful when driving in thick fog.

People’s health is also likely to be affected by the cold, especially in Delhi, which also has a lot of pollution in the winter.

India’s homeless people, who often sleep on the side of the road and at train stations, have had a hard time with the cold.

On Sunday, Delhi had one of the mistiest days of the season so far, with a thick fog covering the city for several hours.

Reports said that poor visibility caused more than 100 flights to be delayed at the Delhi airport, and a few had to be sent to other places. The Indian railways, which carry about 23 million people every day, said that 29 trains in northern India were running late.

Monday was another day with a lot of fog, and cars were moving slowly on the roads. Domestic airline IndiGo tweeted that flight times were changing “due to dense fog and poor visibility” in Delhi and told passengers to check their flight status before heading to the airport.

Officials say that they think the cold wave will start to end on January 10.