8 Jan London is No Trousers Tube Ride Day, and this was the first time since the pandemic that people could take part. It was the first trouserless tube ride on the Elizabeth Line.

People on the London Underground were confused when hundreds of people got on in their underwear.

Many people were seen riding the Tube in the capital without pants, which made other people look confused and bewildered.

But there is a funny reason for that. January 8 is No Trousers Tube Ride Day, and this is the first year since the pandemic that fans have been able to take part.

Today was also the first time that someone rode the Elizabeth Line without pants.

Anyone can join; all you have to do is take the Tube without your pants on.

The day’s goal is to make people laugh.

People in New York started the No Pants Subway Ride in 2002, which is where the idea came from.

“The only goal of the event is to make people laugh and smile,” say the people who started it.

The idea then made its way across the ocean to the British Isles, where it was given a home by the Stiff Upper Lip Society.

The founder of The Stiff Upper Lip Society, Ivan Markovic, told MyLondon, “We’re not raising money or awareness; we’re just making a moment.”

“So, I think the idea is to set the scene. We just want people to smile and feel good about it.

“The problem is that once you start trying to make a statement or raise money for a charity, someone will always find a reason to disagree with the charity you choose to support.