Major James Hewitt with harry

Major James Hewitt, a former Army officer, had a five-year relationship with Princess Diana, which generated nasty rumors that he is Prince Harry’s biological father. The Duke of Sussex has since dismissed these claims.

Long-running, “sadistic,” rumors that Major James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s biological father have been addressed by the royal.

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex revealed his father, the current King Charles, will make fun of the allegations in his planned memoir Spare.

Princess Diana’s confession of a five-year romance with Major Hewitt in the 1980s, which included speculation that Diana had a child with him, soon before her passing, sparked rumours.

The Duke of Sussex described the rumours as having several causes, including sadism and Major Hewitt’s red hair, in his book Spare.

He claimed that tabloid readers “never got weary of that ‘joke'” and “liked the idea” that he wasn’t Charles’ real son.

Harry continued by asking if the rumor was meant to portray him as a “laughing stock.”

The Duke of Sussex subsequently asserted that Major Hewitt and Diana hadn’t actually met until “far after I was born.” What about Major James Hewitt, though? Now, where is he? Let’s look at this now.

Major James Hewitt: Who is he?

A former cavalry officer in the British Army is named James Lifford Hewitt.

His father, John Hewitt, was an officer in the British Navy, therefore he was born into a military household.

James afterwards enrolled at Millfield School and enlisted in the Army at the age of 20 after being selected for the Brigade of Guards.

Do you know if Major James Hewitt slept with Princess Diana?
When Hewitt and the late Princess of Wales attended a party hosted by Diana’s aide-de-camp Hazel West in 1986, they got to know one another.