Tottenham manager Antonio Conte has indicated that he will only select players who did not participate in the World Cup for his team’s Boxing Day encounter against Brentford.

Just eight days after the conclusion of the World Cup in Qatar, the English Premier League will get back into action on Monday.

Hugo Lloris and Cristian Romero, both of whom represented their countries in the championship game, will not compete against the Bees, as Conte has previously stated.

“I am not really happy,” Conte remarked. “I am not really happy.”

“On the one side, you should be pleased because the fact that my club, Tottenham, has 12 players competing in the World Cup indicates that we are headed in the correct direction to attempt to be competitive and to try to win something.

“But it is to be expected that when you have a large number of players competing in a tournament like this one, particularly during the season, that it will be difficult since the players’ physical condition would not be at its best.

“It is impossible to give them a significant amount of rest, and for certain with the players who didn’t participate in the World Cup but we worked with for four weeks, they are now in excellent physical shape.

“We put a lot of effort into both the strategic and physical aspects of the challenge. They have now reached a level that is higher than the players that competed in the World Cup and finished in the top three.

“Because of this, I believe it is necessary for me to make the right choice for the match against Brentford. On the one hand, I have players that I worked with for four weeks and got to know incredibly well, and on the other hand, I have players who worked at the World Cup but are not at the peak of their game right now.”

In addition to serving a ban, Rodrigo Bentancur has been dealing with a small hamstring injury, so he won’t be able to play in Monday’s match that starts at lunchtime.

Richarlison will be sidelined for a month due to the same ailment that he picked up while playing for Brazil in Qatar, and Lucas Moura’s condition with his tendon will not be resolved any time soon.

When asked about Moura, Conte said: “He is having a lot of trouble figuring out a solution to the problem.

“It is a challenging circumstance for me since I have a talented player on my team, but he is never available to play. It’s almost as if you don’t have him at all.

“It is unfortunate because we are talking about a talented athlete and a decent person, but he is having a lot of trouble finding a solution to this issue. I have no idea what will take place in the years to come with regard to him.” in the high seas