computer programmer

A nine-year-old who gets praise for his math skills and computer programmer said he wants to connect “young passionate minds.”

This year, Kautilya Katariya from Northampton got the best grade in GCSE math at his school. At age six, he set a Guinness World Record by becoming the youngest person ever to learn how to code a computer programming.

He told BBC Radio Northampton, “I don’t really have anyone to talk about math with.”

The student at Wootton Park School in Northampton said that his father, Ishwari, gave him a book about programming, which got him interested in it.

He said, “I liked it so much I made my own simple programme.”

Since then, he has made his own search engine and a programme that plays tic-tac-toe. IBM also hired him as an expert in artificial intelligence.

Kautilya is now taking math at the A-Level level, and he said, “I love it so much.

“For two reasons: one, when you solve a problem, you feel very proud of yourself, and two, you can use math to understand physics, and you can use physics to understand almost anything else. Physics is literally the language of the universe.”

The young person said, “I’m already planning to make a portal so I can connect with a lot of other young people who are interested in math and computing and talk to them about it.”

He said he would make “a new kind of AI” (artificial intelligence) in the future.

Kautilya says that when he’s not doing math or coding, he enjoys “origami, swimming, and playing with my little brother.”