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president Donald Trump Kanye West uncovered that he has asked previous US  to be his “running mate” for the 2024 official races.

The 45-year-old rapper said he visited Trump’s Blemish a-Lago resort interestingly.

First time at Blemish a-Lago,” composed West, who lawfully changed his name to Ye. “Downpour and traffic. Can’t completely accept that I kept President Trump pausing. What’s more, I had on pants.

“What you all think Donald Trump reaction was the point at which I requested that he be my running mate in 2024?” Ye, who campaigned for office in 2020, added.

Donald Trump, the first president in Quite a while history to be reprimanded two times, pronounced recently that he will campaign for office for the third time.

Ye uncovered that he planned to run for president in 2024 also recently.


Kanye West Ye’s 2020 mission became known for its capriciousness

in the midst of cases that he could prevail upon a few Dark electors who might have decided in favor of president Joe Biden, Reuters noted at that point.

(Kanye West/Twitter)

In a radio meeting toward the start of this current month, Trump recommended Ye could not have possibly been dealt with how he was in the wake of offering prejudiced expressions in the event that he hadn’t recently complimented “Trump”.

“All things considered, I was extremely regarded, in light of the fact that I didn’t know him that well however I enjoyed him, I clearly coexisted with him well overall, and I was exceptionally respected one might say since he expressed those extraordinary things about me on Exhaust Carlson,” Trump told traditional radio personality Chris Stigall.

“He offered a few expressions, unpleasant proclamations, on Jewish (sic), you heard them and you realize them well, and they’re saying that was the explanation, so then you ask would it be something very similar in the event that he didn’t express that multitude of beneficial things about Trump, you simply don’t have the foggiest idea,” he added.

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