Vera Page is now $60 million richer after winning a recent Lotto Max draw. OLG

An eastern Ontario grandmother is grateful for a new excursion to the supermarket when she purchased the triumphant pass to the $60-million Lotto Max draw Nov. 1.

Vera Page of Vankleek Slope, Ont., nearly didn’t buy the ticket as the 83-year-old’s week by week retirement home supermarket trip had been delayed.

“At the point when the staff at my retirement home rescheduled our week after week trip, I got on my mechanized bike and went to the store myself. As I was looking at, I made sure to purchase my Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 tickets, both with Reprise. At the point when I returned home, I tucked the tickets under my PC until the draw.”

Page checked her ticket in the wake of hearing the ticket had been sold in the Prescott and Russell region.

She says she struggled with persuading herself regarding the success however had a much harder time persuading her loved ones.

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“It was near 9 p.m. at the point when I called my child, Trevor, however he didn’t answer his telephone. Then I called my girl in-regulation, and she didn’t answer by the same token. I at last snagged my other girl in-regulation, yet she didn’t trust me and advised me to nod off,” she snickered.

The following morning her child called her back and after hearing the Lotto Max draw news, hustled to her condo.

“I let him know that we need to go to Foodland where I purchased the pass to approve it and ensure I wasn’t seeing things,” said Page. “We were in such a rush that I put on some jeans over my robe, tossed on a coat and went to the store half-dressed.

“At the point when I gave my pass to the agent, the extravagant accessories went off and the representative hollered that I had won huge.”

Page raised her family while filling in as an individual help specialist. In 1983, when her more youthful sister became sick and required a kidney relocate, she figured out she was a match and made it a point to her kidney, which saved her sister’s life.

Page says she intends to invest a portion of the rewards on an Alaskan journey, an outing to a hotter environment and “a major boat that many individuals can rest on and visit the Ottawa Stream.”

She might likewise want to impart her rewards to her loved ones.

The triumphant ticket was bought at Foodland on Parkway 34 in Vankleek Slope.