What to do when someone insults you?

You should not take it too personally when someone insults you, especially when that person is your family member or true friend who thinks only good for you.

Try to stay calm before you say and act. First, try to analyze the situation and the reason behind it. 

Do you feel insulted?

Indeed! It’s more challenging to deal with insults from family members than other strangers.

But you need to understand that not all insults are aimed to impact negatively. Especially during a young age, when a family or parents insults you. 

There must be some positive reason for such insults. Your loved ones want you to get ahead in life. They criticize you for your benefit so that you can understand the essential things in life if you are going on the wrong track.

Let’s understand what insult is? 

Insult is a way of expression in which a person treats another person with disrespect. 

So what to do when someone insults you. Here are a few ways in which you can deal with insults:

Don’t react With Anger-

Your Anger can let the other person know that their insults are impacting you. It may further invite more insults. It may only worsen things, and even the slightest insults can become bigger. Now you can send online gifts in India to your sister. 

Defend Yourself With Humor-

Humor is the best defense mechanism in such situations. You can use humor as a go-to solution during insults. Sometimes people do this intentionally with friends or loved ones. Laugh off the insult and move on. 

Regain Composure-

Don’t react instantly; take deep breaths, and calm yourself down. This will avoid many conflicts that may happen due to your reaction. You need to be in the right mind to see things far more clearly.

Tell the Authority-

When insults turn more aggressive, then let someone higher know about it. No one can insult you regarding your Religion, Sexual orientation, etc. Still, if someone crosses the line, let the authority know. There is no shame in standing up to a bully and seeking help. 

Ignore them- 

Ignore those people who constantly nag you and be negative. The best way to deal with this kind of person is to ignore them. This will make them realize that you don’t care enough to react to things. 

Talk to the Person and Tell Them to Stop-

Ask the person to back off if you are not okay with them insulting you. The result of standing up for yourself is good. Thus there won’t be issues regarding this matter in the future.

Give them back-

You can insult them with the same intensity as they insulted you. In such a case, two things will happen: either the person shall stop insulting, or the things shall escalate as they won’t take the insult. 

Think Logical Before Doing Anything-

Look into the logical aspects of insults. The person who wants you to grow will do this. They try to bring positive changes in you only. These days you can buy rakhi online for your brother and send him. 

Maintain a Positive Attitude-

I know it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude when someone insults you. But it is the best way to do it for yourself. Don’t let their insult impact you. Don’t let their words define you. Show them that your personality is way bigger than their words. 

Write Down What You Feel-

Calm your thoughts by writing them on paper; this will clarify what is bothering you. Sometimes our mind is filled with thoughts that cannot clarify or sort things. Outputting it on paper can help you a lot. This will help you to puke out your emotions and clarify how to overcome their emotions.

I hope you liked and found the article helpful. The bottom line is that we come across insults in every phase of our life, but how we react to them is our choice. Our reaction decides the outcome. So don’t let anyone else’s words be your identity.

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