Deciding to opt for SAP ERP is itself a matter of appreciation. Most companies get too late in their adoption of ERP. And when they do, they opt for cheap ERPs that fail to grow as their businesses grow. SAP, on the other hand, offers a suite of ERPs that can power businesses irrespective of their size. However, SAP. As a company, it is incredibly vast, and it has a myriad of products. Thus companies might need some advice on what SAP product to use, which license should they opt for, and so on. This article will guide you in your SAP adoption journey.

  • Advice #1: Don’t Fall Into The ‘SAP Is For Big Business’ Trap

When you finally turn your dream business into a real one, at first, you start small. The operations, the revenue, the number of customers etc, remain fundamentally manageable. But you, as a forward thinking business owner, can foresee the operational challenges that are to come as your business grows. So you start looking for an ERP to streamline the business process in your company.

Many sound-meaning people might advise that SAP is too big for your small business, but that’s a complete myth. 80% of SAP customers are SMEs. This means that SAP has ERP products like SAP Business One that cater to the needs of small businesses. The catch-phrase- ‘SAP for small business’ has now become extremely popular. Not one or two, SAP has three products dedicated to small businesses – SAP Business One Starter Package, SAP Business One and SAP Business bydesign.

  • Advice #2: If You’re Just Starting Up, Start With SAP Business One Starter Package

SAP Business One Starter Package is the most affordable ERP from SAP. It is aimed at startups and small businesses which are on a growth trajectory. These businesses don’t have too complex processes to warrant a full-blown ERP. But they still need an ERP system to compete with the established players in terms of organisational efficiency and automated processes.

However, many businesses get jittery after they start looking for an ERP. Most ERPs in the market are too expensive to be afforded by a small business. This is where SAP Business One Starter Package comes in. With just Rs.3999 per user/month and a one-time implementation cost of Rs.49000, small businesses and startups get an ERP software that enables them to have the same business processes as their big competitors. What’s more? As they scale up, these businesses can easily buy an SAP Business One licence and upgrade to the full version of Business One with zero hassle.

  • Advice #3: Choose Only Those Vendors That Offer Cloud Version of SAP Business One Starter Packag

Businesses should note that SAP Business One can be run both on-premise and on the cloud. However, running the ERP on-premise requires buying additional hardware. However, vendors like Uneecops host the SAP Business One Starter Package on their AWS instances and this can save you a lot of money and headaches.

  • Advice #4: If your Business Falls Under The SME Category, You Can Choose The Full Version of SAP Business One

SMEs can start with the full version of SAP Business One. The platform offers a 360 degree ERP solution that can automate all the back-office processes in an SME like accounting, sales & purchase, inventory management and even intelligent reporting.

  • Advice #5: If You Already Have Comparatively Big Business With Multiple Branches and Warehouses, Go For SAP Business ByDesign

SAP offers ERP solutions for all kinds of enterprises. For large enterprises, SAP has SAP Business ByDesign. It is an entirely modular ERP software that you pay only for those modules that your business will use. SAP ByD is best for medium and large businesses and businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Choosing an ERP for your business is a big decision. The future of your business- its success depends on this single decision. Hence this decision will be a turning point for your business. SAP vendors like Uneecops know how important this decision is. So they offer extensive consultation to help you make the optimal decision on ERP. Hence, for our last advice, we recommend you partner with that SAP vendor, which goes out of its way to guide the businesses. 

Author Bio: Julia Lee is a marketing expert who is working on MNC for the past 2 years. She has been associated with Uneecops Business Solution as on business adviser for couple of years and provides SAP Business One software solutions.

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