Two Soldiers are firing ATGM
Two Soldiers are firing ATGM

 According to US and European officials, the Joe Biden administration will also equip Ukraine with advanced high defensive weaponry. This are easily deployable and need less training to fire against Russian tanks, heavy weaponry, and aircraft.

President Biden pledged $800 million in additional military support for Ukraine in a speech on Wednesday. Including 800 upgraded Stinger missile launchers, 9,000 antitank missiles. Moreover 100 tactical drones, and a variety of small arms, such as automatic weapons and grenade launchers.

The Ukrainians already demonstrated their ability to defeat Russia’s larger force with British and U.S-supplied anti tank weapons. However, President Volodymyr Zelensky requested extra assistance. He said this in an earnest State of The Union address on Wednesday, as Russian forces pressed to encircle major cities.

Rather than offensive weaponry like tanks and bombers that require extensive logistical support. The US and European authorities want to deploy more equipment that is easier to use by small teams. As well as they have technology that can circumvent Russian defenses or expose gaps. Because they do  not allow to publicly discuss the weapons transfer, the officials talked to them requesting anonymity.

US Coordination with other Allies

Aside from delivering its own weapons, the US is assisting in the coordination of supplies from European countries. This week, Defense Minister Lloyd J. Austin III is in Slovakia and Bulgaria to assist with that endeavor.

A senior defense source told reporters on Wednesday that the US was focusing on getting supplies out swiftly so the Pentagon will figure out how to replace its stockpiles later. The official stated that the priority now was to ensure that the products were delivered to the Ukrainians as soon as possible.

To continue to delay Russia’s assault, the Ukrainian military requires simple and easy-to-use defensive weapons. According to US and European military analysts, the Ukrainians may succeed if they can maneuver in tiny groups, strike organized Russian soldiers, then fade away to set up a new ambush later.

What Officials says about this Equipment

According to officials briefed on the plans, the US will include Switchblade drones as part of a package. The weaponry, which is packed in a backpack, is dubbed the “kamikaze drone”. To  launch directly at a vehicle or a group of soldier. This is blasted when it strikes the targets and explodes.

Larger, armed drones, such as US-made Hawks or Warthogs, may difficult to fly and  damage by Russian fighter jets. Former officials, however, believe that small, mobile kamikaze drones may be a cost-effective means to kill Russian armored convoys.

By giving more equipment, the US and its allies are attempting to increase the supply of defensive armament to the Ukrainians and assist them in communicating more efficiently.

The US has stated it has delivered some communications equipment, and Ukraine has said that it needs more, including tactical radios and jammer equipment to help stop Russian forces from communicating with one another.

Ukraine had requested additional MIG jet fighters but has since withdrawn that request. According to American and European sources, Ukraine’s military is not using all of its jets.

Ukrainian leaders, particularly Mr. Zelensky in a statement to Congress, stated the need for additional equipment, implying that the battle has progressed to a new phase.

In addition to anti-aircraft weapons such as the Stinger, Ukraine is asking for mobile air defenses. To be capable of intercepting aircraft flying at higher elevations, such as the bombers. They also bombed a training site close to the Polish border on Sunday.

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