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It's been over seven days since Russia started its invasion of Ukraine.

It’s been over seven days since Russia started its invasion of Ukraine.

Occupants of the capital Kyiv and a few different urban areas are under barrage from Russian rockets.

A thermal energy plant likewise went under assault, causing a worldwide objection.

Perusers of the BBC News site have been sending in inquiries concerning what is happening. Some of them are replied here by:

Ukraine’s western boundary with Poland and other Nato nations is as yet not in Russian hands (the Russian intrusion has come from the three different sides – north, south and east), so there is as yet a passageway for provisions to come in.

The Black Sea coast anyway is presently generally under Russian control and considered perilous for most delivery.

Everybody is confused regarding the reason why Ukraine has not done more to assault the Russian escort as it is an easy target for drone and airstrikes.

There are a few potential clarifications, Ukraine might be running out of outfitted drones and its little, dwarfed aviation based armed forces might be careful about being shot somewhere near Russian air protection batteries.

Ben Barry from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) recommends the Ukrainians likely could be defending what assets they truly do have in availability to counter-assault when the Russians draw nearer to Kyiv.

What precisely will it take for Western powers to get involved here? – Rob Frank

The West has made it clear it will possibly get involved militarily on the off chance that Russia assaults a Nato country. Ukraine isn’t in Nato yet close to nations Poland and the Baltic states are, thus Nato has been surging fortifications to reinforce those nations’ boundaries.

All things considered, Western nations are providing Ukraine with “cautious” gear to assist it with attempting to repulse the Russian intrusion. This is hostile to airplanes and against tank rockets.

Some are calling for Nato to acquire a restricted air space to prevent Russian planes from completing airstrikes on Ukrainian urban communities. However, Nato says it will not do that as it would involve destroying Russian planes and that could prompt conflict with Russia.

Up to this point I have heard nothing about detainees of war. Are the two sides taking any? – David Taylor

Indeed. There are reports of Russian recruits who have been taken prisoner and been given cell phones to call home.

Their families, we are told, thought they were simply being shipped off the Donbas locale on a little activity, or even an activity, however positively not a full-scale attack.

Does Nato have any methodology for Russia assaulting functional atomic plants in Ukraine? – Barry Johnson

I don’t think anybody even anticipated this, yet past a ton of manner of speaking denouncing it as foolish and inadmissible, there’s not a great deal the West can do, shy of military mediation. This has been precluded, as there are full-scale fights seething across Ukraine.

Then again, it isn’t to Russia’s greatest advantage to have an atomic tainting calamity so near its lines so the situation of an atomic plant being designated may not be rehashed.


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