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Google Page Experience Update Starts Rolling Out On Desktop

Google confirms the Page Experience algorithm update is now rolling out to desktop search results.

Google’s Page Experience algorithm update for desktop search results is now rolling out “slowly,” the company confirms.

The update is scheduled to finish rolling out by the end of March.

As you know google have many tech horoscope sites. But I Know best site which provides updated technology. Advance notice was given back in November 2021 that the Page Experience update, first rolled out to mobile search results, will be applied to desktop search by February 2022.

Here it is, right on schedule.

There are some key differences between how Page Experience is applied to mobile and desktop.

See the next section for more information on the factors included in the desktop update and what this means for your website.

Google Page Experience Update For Desktop Search

Google’s Page Experience update for desktop search is an extension of the algorithm launched in mobile search in the summer of 2021.

Page Experience on desktop includes the same ranking signals as the mobile update for the most part.

“This means the same three Core Web Vitals metrics: LCP, FID, and CLS, and their associated thresholds will apply to the desktop ranking. In addition, other aspects of page experience signals, such as HTTPS security and absence of intrusive interstitials, will remain the same as well.”

Google page experience desktop Screenshot from, November 2021.

Mobile-friendliness, a signal built into page experience for mobile search, will not apply to desktop.

What Does This Update Mean For Your Website?

Factors that weren’t previously assessed for your website in desktop search results will now be considered by Google.

If your website scores well for these factors on mobile, it will likely perform similarly as well on desktop.

Given that mobile-friendliness isn’t a factor for the Page Experience desktop update, your site could benefit from a ranking boost in desktop search even if it isn’t optimized for mobile (as long as other criteria are met).

If your site has separate desktop and mobile URLs, the desktop signal is based on the URLs that desktop users see.

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Google Search Console has a new report dedicated to evaluating Page Experience criteria on the desktop versions of webpages.

You can utilize this report to understand how your site may be impacted by the update when it finishes rolling out at the end of next month.

The desktop report can be accessed from the Page Experience tab in Search Console, directly underneath the mobile message.

It looks identical to the mobile report, except for the Mobile Usability section.

See an example in the screenshot below:

Page experience desktop report screenshot from, January 2022.

Be mindful that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions regarding the impact of this update until it has finished rolling out at the end of March.

If you notice changes in your desktop search rankings between now and the end of March, they may not be directly related to the Page Experience update.

How to Know Core Web Vitals Affects Your Search Rankings

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about how to know if the Page Experience Update affected your rankings. Mueller explained what to watch for to learn whether the Core Web vitals ranking factors impact site rankings and when it’s not.

Site Lost 20% of Rankings in Page Experience Update

A person shared that their site lost 20% of their organic search traffic after Google announced their page experience update was rolling out.

The drop in traffic was felt immediately.

They asked if fixing core web vitals issues will help regain the traffic and how long it would take for the ranking signal to affect their traffic.

“Is it safe to suggest that the site will regain traffic after we …fix the issues with core web vitals?

And also, how long will it take? Do we need to wait… another huge update?”

How to Know if Page Experience Update Affected a Site

Google’s John Mueller offered a clear explanation of how to tell if ranking changes are due to the page experience update.

Mueller first asked if the change was felt immediately after the update was finished, and the person asking the question affirmed that that was the case, that the change was felt immediately.

Mueller responded.

“I don’t think that would be related.

I don’t think that would be related because we started rolling this update out, I think, in July, and it was finished at the end of August.

But the rollout was on a per-page basis essentially.

If we saw that your website was slow for core web vitals, you would see a gradual change over time …from July until August.

If you see an exact drop on that date, it seems like it’s probably something else.

So I don’t think it would be from the core web vitals. “

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Both Gains and Losses from Update are Gradual

The question asked John Mueller if this gradual effect on rankings was also the same for sites that experienced increased traffic from the page experience update.

John nodded his head and affirmed that’s how the positive effects from the update would be experienced.

Updates Take Place Automatically

After affirming how the updates are experienced, he next discussed how the updates happen automatically.

“The updates take place automatically.

So it’s something in the search console you will see the data is always delayed, I think 28 days, but it’s like gradually updating.

It’s not that it has to wait for a bigger update.”

Google Page Experience Updates

John Mueller shared good information about how the Page Experience updates are felt. This helps diagnose sudden changes in rankings because now we know that the ranking effect, both positive and negative, is felt gradually.

This feedback is important because it shows that correlating an observation with ranking changes is tricky.

Often, a publisher or SEO may see that something has happened, followed by a drop in rankings. But sometimes, these are just coincidences.

So it’s good to keep an open mind and not stop searching for other causes.

It can be unhelpful to assume that the most obvious reason, the one sticking out in plain sight, is the explanation for a ranking change.

Mueller also confirmed that these updates do not need a “bigger update” to refresh the ranking factors moving forward.


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