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Colombian medication ruler Otoniel to be removed to US

Colombia has reported that the nation’s most needed medication dealer will be removed to the US after he was caught in a strike.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga, known as Otoniel, was seized after a joint armed force, flying corps, and police procedure on Saturday.

He drove the country’s biggest group of thugs and has been on the US Drug Enforcement Agency’s most needed rundown for quite a long time.

US authorities had set a $5m (£3.6m) abundance on his head.

They blamed him for bringing in something like 73 metric huge loads of cocaine into the country somewhere in the range of 2003 and 2014.

What will befall him?

Colombia’s Defense Minister Diego Molano told El Tiempo’s paper that the following stage for authorities was to consent to the US removal request.

Specialists have now taken Otoniel to an army installation in the capital Bogotá in front of his removal, as per paper El Nuevo Siglo.

Being secured up a prison large number of miles from their nation of origin, in where they have not many associations and no means to scare gatekeepers or jail chiefs is a destiny numerous Colombian medication dealers dread.

The late medication ruler Pablo Escobar said that he would like “lying in a grave in Colombia than being secured up a cell in the US”.

Aside from six years somewhere in the range of 1991 and 1997, when Colombia’s constitution prohibited removals of Colombian residents, various high-level dealers confronting prosecutions in the US have been shipped off stand preliminary there.

Among them are the prime supporter of the Medellín cartel, Carlos Lehder, drug master Daniel “The Madman” Barrera and paramilitary pioneer Salvatore Mancuso.

Otoniel, who was prosecuted in the US in 2009, will face various charges, including sending shipments of cocaine to the US, killing cops, and enrolling youngsters.

How could he beget?

Otoniel was caught in his country safe-house in the Antioquia region in north-western Colombia, near the boundary with Panama. One cop was killed.

Otoniel had utilized an organization of rustic safe houses to move around and sidestep the specialists and didn’t utilize a telephone, rather depending on messengers for correspondence.

Before, police have discovered uncommon muscular sleeping pads for Otoniel in these meager homes, as he experienced back torment a herniated plate.

Police boss Jorge Vargas has said the medication ruler was unfortunate of catch, “never moving toward occupied regions”.

In any case, El Tiempo announced that specialists figured out how to pinpoint the area where he was, in the end, caught fourteen days prior.

Boss Vargas said his developments were followed by more than 50 sign knowledge specialists utilizing satellite symbolism. US and UK offices were engaged with the inquiry.

Mr. Duque portrayed the activity as “the greatest infiltration of the wilderness at any point found in the tactical history of our country”.

Colombia’s military later delivered a photograph showing its officers watching Otoniel, who was in cuffs and wearing rain boots.

There have been a few enormous activities including a large number of officials to catch the 50-year-old as of late.

There’s no question this is viewed as an upset by Colombian specialists – they’ve been attempting to catch Otoniel for quite a long while at this point. The Gulf Cartel is an imposing and savage association with a lot of force.

What’s more, the correlations with Pablo Escobar are justifiable. Otoniel is an easily recognized name and has been colossally incredible, particularly in the northwest of the country.

“In South America, there could be no bigger cocaine dealer,” says Toby Muse, creator of Kilo: Inside the Cocaine Cartels. “We are living in the brilliant time of cocaine, we are delivering more cocaine than any other time in recent memory – that’s true.”

Be that as it may, the equals maybe stop there – Otoniel isn’t too known outside of Colombia. Furthermore, address individuals who lived in the country at the pinnacle of Pablo Escobar’s force, many feel they were additional alarming occasions.

The inquiry is, will Otoniel’s catch sway the exchange of the unlawful medication? It’s difficult to know now. We’ll need to perceive what occurs in the coming months yet most specialists assume that while interest in cocaine stays solid, it’s logical there will be new “capos” ascending to the top to supplant him.

Who is Otoniel?

Brought into the world in Antioquia in the mid-1970s, Otoniel bounced between a few guerrillas and paramilitary gatherings – including the Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), the significant Marxist-Leninist rebel bunch, and the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), an extreme right paramilitary and medication dealing posse.

At the point when the AUC disintegrated in 2005, he started working for the medication ruler Daniel Rendón Herrera, known as Don Mario – top of the Urabeños, which later became known as the Gulf Clan.

Otoniel then, at that point, assumed responsibility for the gathering after its past chief – his sibling – was killed by police in an attack on a New Year’s Eve party very nearly 10 years prior.

Colombia’s security powers named the group as the country’s most remarkable criminal association, while experts in the US portray it as “vigorously equipped [and] very savage”.

The posse, which works in numerous areas and has broad worldwide associations, is occupied with medication and individuals sneaking, illicit gold mining, and blackmail.

It is accepted to have around 1,800 equipped individuals, who are mostly enrolled from extreme right paramilitary gatherings.

The group controls large numbers of the courses used to sneak medications from Colombia to the US, and as distant as Russia.

The Colombian government, notwithstanding, trusts it has crushed its numbers as of late, compelling many driving individuals to stow away in far-off areas in the wilderness.

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