Raven Saunders
Raven Saunders: Olympic shot putter on the pandemic, psychological wellness, and standing firm in Tokyo

Remaining on the platform in Tokyo with an Olympic silver decoration around her neck, Raven Saunders needed to offer an amazing expression.

She knew who she needed to support, examining it with those nearest to her – yet didn’t know-how. So she needed to think rapidly.

“It was at the time I chose,” the shot putter, 25, tells her home in the United States. Saunders folded her arms over her head, making an X image that was seen throughout the planet.

“It’s the crossing point where all mistreated networks meet,” she says.

“Being a dark, lesbian lady who manages psychological well-being, and knowing such countless individuals who have inabilities, it just felt appropriate for me.

“Growing up, on the off chance that I’d got the opportunity to observe somebody such as myself, it would have given me substantially more solace to truly be me.”

‘I’d developed a persona of being intellectually intense’

A glance at Saunders’ TikTok – with a devotee count of 150,000 and rising – shows she jumps at the chance to have some good times.

“At the point when I was in the Olympic town, I needed to be its existence,” Saunders says.

“If you ask anybody from practically any nation, they’ll educate you concerning the insane young lady with the split hair and the speaker that strolled around the entire whole town, simply moving and knocking music.

It was so fun, and I’m similar to: ‘This is the thing that I’m hanging around for!'”

Similarly as conspicuous are Saunders’ posts about psychological well-being – yet arriving at a direct where she felt prepared toward open up with regards to her battles was difficult.

Furthermore, the shot-putter concedes that her donning achievement made things more troublesome.

However, I lost myself in that, and quit contemplating what I owed myself.

“Before I opened up, I combat myself. I felt disgraced and terrified, the accidentalness of what individuals might think.

“That was who I saw myself to be, and how I put myself out there to the world. So going from that to resembling: ‘All things considered, I have these issues’ – I felt so powerless for a few days.

“I nearly slipped back, yet hearing individuals’ inspirational statements and how they could identify with that… I’m extremely grateful and favored to have had that sort of response.”

‘I return the following day, and the entire school knows’

Saunders’ eagerness to be open additionally reaches out to discuss her sexuality and the awful way she had to come out to her schoolmates when she was currently at lower school in Charleston, South Carolina.

“I got to 5th grade and I had eyes only for this young lady,” she recalls.

Then, at that point, I needed to return home ahead of schedule for a dental specialist arrangement and told my closest companion: ‘Hello, watch my diary. Try not to release anybody in my work area.’

“I needed to live with it through the remainder of the school year – and afterward when I had the chance to center school [for kids matured 11 to 13], I get re-outed once more, and that is when individuals began treating me bizarre there.

“It was an insane, awful experience, yet it’s nothing contrasted with what certain individuals locally go through.”

‘I felt my message truly got an opportunity to associate’

Post-Olympics a medical procedure on a physical issue implies Saunders presently has some time to burn.

Therefore, she has had the option to make a greater amount of the web-based media recordings that pulled in a lot of consideration during Tokyo 2020 -, for example, her recommendation on the food to stay away from in the competitors’ feasting corridor at the Games, and her confounded first insight of utilizing a bidet.

“I’ve been TikToking,” she snickers.

“I like appealing things because that is the sort of thing I make. Thus, anything that is interesting, I’m similar to: ‘alright, I like what you did there. That is diverting!'”

In any case, the forlornness the American experienced when managing both her psychological wellness and her sexuality implies there’s likewise content to assist with people who may be battling in their own lives.

Furthermore, in a period of Covid, Saunders trusts athletes must show that it’s OK to not be OK.

“After an overall pandemic, everybody’s emotional wellness is screwed up,” she says.

“I couldn’t care less in case you’re green, dark, purple, Asian, Hispanic, Latina – everybody has managed something.

“So I felt like my message truly got an opportunity to associate with such countless various individuals, and it was something that should have been saying.”


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