Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski asserts Robin Thicke grabbed her on Blurred Lines set

American supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has asserted she was physically attacked on the arrangement of the music video for the hit melody Blurred Lines.

In her forthcoming book, the 30-year-old blames vocalist Robin Thicke for grabbing her without assent during the recording of the 2013 video.

Thicke, 44, has not yet reacted to the solicitation for input.

The claims, first detailed in the Sunday Times paper, highlight in Ratajkowski’s approaching book My Body.

In the 30-year-old cases Thicke “got back to the set somewhat plastered to shoot just with me”.

The model said she felt “embarrassment siphon through [her] body”.

Ratajkowski showed up in the video close by Thicke, vocalist Pharrell Williams, and rapper TI.

The video’s chief, Diane Martel, told the Sunday Times that she reviewed the supposed occurrence.

“I recall the second that he snatched her bosoms. He was remaining behind her as they were both in profile,” she was cited as saying.

The chief said Thicke later apologized.

Obscured Lines bested outlines throughout the planet, turning into the UK’s most downloaded melody ever in 2014.

In any case, its verses and music video have been condemned by some who guaranteed they alluded to non-consensual sex. Pharrell later conceded he was “humiliated” by the verses.

Thicke has guarded the video, telling that in 2013 his faultfinders didn’t “get” the tune.

What’s more, in 2015, he told the New York Times that the verses were not expected to have sexual meanings. “I have never and could never compose a tune with any regrettable underlying meaning like that,” he said.


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