Afghanistan Panjshir
Afghanistan Panjshir: Fighting escalates over holdout Afghan valley

Substantial battling is accounted for between Taliban powers and opposition aggressors in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley. The Taliban said they had taken some domain and dispensed “weighty” misfortunes on the National Resistance Front.

Be that as it may, the Front said it had control, all things considered, to the valley, and the Taliban had lost many contenders. Panjshir is the solitary region that has not tumbled to the Islamist gathering and a great many resistance contenders are accepted to have massed there.

The obstruction – which incorporates previous Vice-President Amrullah Saleh, previous Afghan security power individuals and neighborhood local armies – is driven by nearby ancestral pioneer Ahmad Massoud. Massoud’s dad held off the Soviets during the 1980s and the Taliban during the 1990s.

In the interim US President Joe Biden visited troops who were harmed in an overwhelming bomb assault at Kabul air terminal as they assisted with emptying Americans and Afghans from the country. Thirteen US fighters were among about 170 individuals killed.

He made the visit four days after the last American fighters left Afghanistan, where the Western-sponsored government had disintegrated notwithstanding a Taliban hostile this mid year.

Biden sees cost of battle for himself

Biden is inside a tactical clinic here in Maryland, visiting the injured. I went with him in the motorcade, alongside around twelve different writers who are important for a press pool.

Nobody was permitted to say where the president was going, and his visit stayed confidential until we showed up at the emergency clinic. Since he is here, the information on his visit can be unveiled.

Biden has gotten pounded for his choice to pull out troops from Afghanistan and for the way that he has administered the drawdown of troops.

His visit to the medical clinic is a way for him to honor the penances that individuals have made. His visit is additionally a token of the expense of war, and why he said the US should leave Afghanistan.

White House authorities conveyed huge bunches of roses inside the emergency clinic, to assist with lighting up the rooms of the harmed people.

Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid said that warriors had moved into the Panjshir Valley after exchanges fizzled, Reuters news organization reports.

Talks fizzled in light of the fact that the different sides stood firm on totally different situations, Persian cited NRF representative Fahim Dashti as saying.

He said they were battling the Taliban on two fronts and that 350 Taliban warriors had been killed and a number caught.

Cases from either side are hard to confirm.

Reports of Taliban warriors looking for, and killing, individuals like senior police authorities and government authorities repudiate the more moderate picture the gathering tried to depict when it assumed liability for the country.


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