Counterfeit Banksy NFT sold through craftsman's site for £244k

A programmer has returned $336,000 to a British gatherer after he fooled him into purchasing a phony NFT promoted through the craftsman’s true site.

A connect to an online sale for the NFT was posted on a now-erased page of

The bartering finished ahead of schedule after the man offered 90% more than rival bidders.

Banksy’s group told “any Banksy NFT barters are not associated with the craftsman in any shape or structure”.

With NFTs, fine art can be “tokenised” to make an advanced declaration of proprietorship that can be purchased and sold.

They don’t by and large give the purchaser the real work of art or its copyright.

The Banksy fan who got tricked says he thought he was purchasing the world-popular spray painting craftsman’s first since forever NFT.

The one who is in his 30s and needed to stay unknown clarified over Twitter direct messages that he presumes Banksy’s site was hacked, and that he was the casualty of an intricate trick.

He says the programmer returned all the cash aside from the exchange expense of around £5,000 on Monday evening.

The conspicuous NFT gatherer utilizes the online name Pranksy said the entire scene was peculiar however that the programmer might have terrified.

“I feel extremely fortunate when a ton of others in a comparative circumstance with less reach would not have had a similar result,” he said.

He says he was first made aware of the sale by an unknown individual locally on the informal organization Discord on Monday morning. In the wake of entering a bid far over his opponents the sale was quickly finished and the assets – in cryptographic money Ethereum – were shipped off the trickster.

‘Feels like a hack’

“It is by all accounts some hack of the site. I affirmed the URL on PC and portable prior to offering. I just made the bid since it was facilitated on his site.

“At the point when the bid was acknowledged I quickly thought it was likely phony,” he said.

Banksy’s group didn’t react to inquiries concerning how his site was compromised however said: “The craftsman Banksy has not made any NFT works of art.”

The purchaser presumes the individual who made him and others aware of the Banksy NFT deal might have been simply the programmer.


Tom Robinson, from cryptographic money examination organization Elliptic, affirmed there was nothing the purchaser could do whenever he has put his bid on the bartering stage OpenSea.

When a bid has been set, the dealer can acknowledge and the digital currency is irreversibly moved,” he said.


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