The paranda seems to be making a comeback and we’re all for it. We’ve spotted the long silk tassel woven into the hair of actors, models and influencers alike. They’ve managed to merge the paranda’s old-school Punjabi charm with contemporary fashion quite effortlessly.

Actor Sonya Hussyn recently posted a picture of her Eid outfit on Instagram wearing vibrant pink parandas in her pigtail braids with denim-sleeved matching separates and eccentric lace-up shoes — quite the departure from traditional Eid wear and a look that we really liked on her.

Hussyn is not the first one to have experimented with the paranda recently. Model Zara Peerzada also posted pictures of herself on Instagram earlier in July, wearing a pink paranda paired with a black crop top, long skirt and a killer pair of combat boots. We can definitely see ourselves sporting this outfit to our next lunch date with the girls (whenever that happens post-pandemic that is).

Influencer Sheherzade Peerzada was also part of Zara’s photoshoot for the ‘gram. She posted pictures of herself alongside the model on Instagram with a gorgeous paranda woven into her hair. Sheherzade complemented her paranda with traditional silver earrings and a necklace.

We’re totally in favour of parandas becoming the next must-have closet essential. It’s a versatile accessory that can elevate any outfit — contemporary, traditional or otherwise. Pink parandas especially seem to be everyone’s favourite choice these days.

We love seeing people incorporate traditional style elements into their everyday wear and it seems like now is the perfect time to head to the bazaar and get our hands on a new paranda. Our intentions are twofold — one, so that we elevate our looks with an amazing hair accessory and two, so that we can start doing this:


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